METAL GRASSHOPPER with Philip H. Anselmo and Dave Hill: Episode Four “Unscared”

November 19, 2014

Episode 4 “Unscared”: Metal god Philip H. Anselmo lets delusional manchild Dave Hill loose on an unsuspecting public, where he meets an actual woman. Philip also schools Dave on stage banter, corpse paint, and other important topics. Then Philip and Dave get in a huge fight from which they may never recover! It’s nuts. There Read More…

METAL GRASSHOPPER with Philip H. Anselmo + Dave Hill: Episode Three “Metal or Not Metal?”

November 12, 2014

Episode 3 “Metal or Not Metal?”: Metal god Philip H. Anselmo puts delusional manchild Dave Hill to the test with a round of heavy metal flash cards. Then Phil makes Dave sit in a closet for a seriously long time while he makes an awesome salad. Also, Dave rents a goat. In short, this one Read More…

“Border City Music Project”: Documentary starring Philip H. Anselmo and Noam Chomsky is available

November 10, 2014

Rent for $1.99 (Stream for 24-hours) Buy for $6.99 (streaming + download anytime) Featured Interviews: Noam Chomsky, Philip H. Anselmo, Mark Farner, John Sinclair, Marc Maron, Dick Wagner, Gordie Johntson, Jeff Burrows, Jim McCarty, Muruga Booker, Richie Hawtin and Kelly Hoppe. There’s something about “Border City Music Project” and its encouraging closing statement that gnaws Read More…

Remembering Housecore Horror Film Fest Co-Founder/True Crime Author Corey Mitchell; Family Fundraiser Launched

November 7, 2014

In an overwhelming outpouring of sympathy and condolences, friends, fans and bands globally remember Housecore Horror Film Festival co-founder/best-selling true crime author, Corey Mitchell, who died of a heart attack Monday October 27, 2014 at Emo’s, venue home of the event.   Partner/Housecore Records head, Philip H. Anselmo, was among the first to speak out: Read More…

Philip H. Anselmo Responds To Housecore Horror Film Festival Co-Founder Corey Mitchell’s Passing

October 29, 2014

Housecore Horror Film Festival co-founder/best-selling true crime author, Corey Mitchell, suffered a deadly heart attack early Monday morning at Emo’s, venue home of the event. Mitchell’s tragic and untimely passing follows the fest’s second epically successful weekend of metal and horror.   Said partner/Housecore Records head, Philip H. Anselmo, in an official statement: “This is Read More…

Phil Teams up with Rob Fenn to offer Autographed Canvas

October 28, 2014

AUTOGRAPH SERIES: PHIL ANSELMO #3 $95.00 Indegoot represented photographer Rob Fenn has teamed up with rock icon Phil Anselmo to released another autograph canvas print! This shot came from the back of the bus after a brutal performance at Rock on the Range with his band Down. The last two releases Rob and Phil did SOLD Read More…

Housecore Horror With Phil Anselmo: From Austin Chronicle

October 25, 2014 Pantera legend Phil Anselmo remains an expert on at least two disciplines: extreme music and horror films. Accordingly, the two intersect this weekend at his Housecore Horror Film Festival. In honor of this monster convergence of movies and heavy metal, the singer reunites Superjoint (sans Ritual) on Sunday at Emo’s. The three-day event, organized Read More…

NOLA: Life, Death, & Heavy Blues from the Bayou – Episode 7/7

October 22, 2014

The Down frontman opens up his home for a crawfish boil with the Noisey crew. Meanwhile despite tragedy and significant loss, the natives of New Orleans will not waiver in their fight to write the best riff, and song, in the history of their city. Check out previous episodes of NOLA here: Now: SKIRTING THE Read More…

METAL GRASSHOPPER with Philip H. Anselmo + Dave Hill: Episode Two “The Awakening””

October 22, 2014

Episode 2 “The Awakening”: Metal god Philip H. Anselmo schools young grasshopper Dave Hill on headbanging, heavy metal vocals, and the most extreme of all breakfast cereals. Oh, and Dave takes a phone message for Phil from King Diamond, which is awesome.


October 18, 2014 Phil Anselmo has been forced to delay the release of his forthcoming book Mouth For War: Pantera And Beyond. Written by Anselmo and Corey Mitchell, it was originally due to be published in January – but the frontman has been too busy touring with Down and Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals to complete Read More…

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